Servicing, MOTs and Repairs


All the checks and repairs you need to keep your vehicle in good running order – Regular servicing, Winter and Summer checks, Mechanical repairs, Engine tuning and fault finding.

Welding & Body Repair

Inevitably your vehicle will need welding at some point to maintain the chassis and bodywork to keep it safe and pass the MOT – we provide all types of welding and repair.


The MOT is perhaps the most anxious time of year! We are happy to help you through by providing a Pre-MOT inspection, carrying out any necessary work to pass the MOT using our local inspector and carry out any advisor work if you would like us to do so.


We provide a full service to ensure your vehicle remains safe – adjusting brakes, bleeding and balancing the system, replacing shoes, pads, calipers, discs and cables as necessary.


This can be the most frustrating part of maintaining a classic vehicle – tracking down and fixing electrical problems. We have experts on hand to help with fault finding a replacing any necessary wiring, connectors, flasher units, relays etc to bring your vehicle back to life!




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