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VW BBQ Bonanza!

With wonderful weather and a fantastic turnout, our open day BBQ was a great success! We would like to thank our guests the VW Wiltshire club and the Andover VW club as well as everyone for coming along. A special thanks goes to Helen and Emma for organising the catering and to Pete and Ben for cooking the food. We would also like to thank BBC Radio Wiltshire for helping us to promote the event on the day.

We were also blessed with a fantastic array of classic vehicles including a couple of stunning 1960s VW Beetles, a couple of early bay vans and a split screen for good measure.  We also had a  couple of fantastic rat style vans which both looked incredible. It was a great chance to everyone to meet and share our passion for classic vehicles.

Thanks again to everyone who came along and we wish you a very happy VW and classic vehicle fun filled summer!

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BBC Radio Wiltshire- Welcome to our open day!

Exciting news- we have just been interviewed for BBC Radio Wiltshire to promote our open day, which was held last year (Sunday 26th May) at 12pm. Please take a listen on the blue link below…

VW Camper & Classic Repairs Open Day

vw camper van

Carry on Camping!

Life on the open road is full of wonders and finding the time to appreciate the better things in life. Rog and Tony are two such people that love life in the easy lane. As proud VW camper van owners themselves, they are more than accustomed to fun and joy that they can bring when they’re running smoothly. Together they are starting a daring adventure, rescuing classic vehicles.


vw camper and classic repairs

Stevie Wonder Photography: VW camper and classic repairs

The coldest March since the 1960s has left us with numb fingers and desperately dreaming of sun-filled beaches and the summer ahead.


For many of us it’s also a chance to think about wheeling out our beloved camper van in preparation for family holidays, festivals or simply a weekend break to the nearest beach. The camper van holiday season has well and truly started again, despite the cold snap. The calendar begins this month with a Spring Dub classic in Yorkshire and there are also a number of other highlights later in the year including Brighton Breeze and Run to the Sun in Cornwall.

As many camper van owners will proudly admit, there is nothing quite like life in the slow lane and getting away from rush hour madness of day to day life. That is except for when everything goes wrong. “Classic vehicles are a real pleasure when everything is working fine. However, due to their age there are inevitable repairs and adjustments that are essential to keep them on the road” explains Tony Bridge, who runs a VW and classic vehicle repair business in Warminster, Wiltshire with his business partner Rog Warren.

In fact both Rog and Tony have both recently given up the 9 to 5 to start work full time on their passion for classic vehicles. “Since I was a kid I have spent my time meddling with cars of all types. I admit, I’m an addict!” says Rog. Although they specialise in working with classic VW camper vans, they also work with other classic vehicles including Land Rovers, Austins, Morris Minors and Minis.


Tony at work

Tony at work

“I really enjoy the simplicity of classic vehicles. Both Rog and myself have a real appreciation for the craftsmanship. It’s so satisfying working on a vehicle, and then getting it to run perfectly again” says Tony. Their approach is very unique. They are both extremely likeable and friendly characters and even promise to have “tea and biscuits” at the ready for any passing customers. Tony explains that “we have a very warm and welcoming atmosphere here. We love talking about classic vehicles from piston heads to brake lights. Part of the joy of this job is working with people who love classic vehicles just as much as you do”.

Maintaining classic vans and vehicles can be quite a difficult challenge. “Many classic vehicles are made of much fewer components than many of today’s. It may sound simpler but  it takes a long time to understand their quirks. Many of our customers are passionate about their vehicles but don’t enjoy trying to fix them. This is exactly why we want to help. We know exactly how frustrating it can be when things don’t go according to plan” mentions Rog.

Both Rog and Tony are really excited about their new business and full of optimism. “Despite me sounding cliché this is a dream come true. I’ve spent much of my life grinding down the hours staring at a computer screen. This is a much more thrilling and fulfilling way of life ” explains Tony. Rog also adds  “I’m really excited. Lots of hard work will finally pay off. Everybody I talk to about this is genuinely happy for us and we look forward to this adventure “.


tony and his van

With the summer slowly creeping up on us there are thousands of us up and down the land raring to get away in our vans. “Many people, like us, are precious about our vans. We don’t want them to be inflicted by the terrible winters we’ve had recently and we put them under covers until spring” describes Rog.

“Although they should be ok kept under wraps I always advise friends that they must always test the basics; the brakes, gears, engines and electrics. Also if you leave your van for a while under covers it’s worth releasing the handbrake and using chocks to secure it. This helps reduce wear on the cables. It’s also worth disconnecting the battery” advises Rog.

VW camper and classic repairs is now open for business and promise to be there for all your classic vehicle needs over the holiday season and for that matter all year round. You can visit their website for more information.




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